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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Family Reunion(s)

Today, Al and I took a (long) trip up to Michigan to meet up with my mom's side of the family for two family reunions. First, we went into Holland to meet up with my Grandpa Tom and his family. The best part was spending some time looking at our not-so-cute old family photos. I guess when I think about it, we're pretty lucky to have wound up as decent-looking as we did, given the no-neck past of my ancestors.

Mom, Grandpa, and Uncle John
Lineup pose
Me with Grandpa Tom, Mom, and my little-big bro Tyler!

Afterwards, we headed over to my Aunt Linda's for a get-together with my Grandma Michelle's side of the family. The kids worked out downstairs while the adults visited with each other...

We didn't stay long because of the long drive, but we had a nice time looking at more old pictures of my beautiful great-grandma, Ella and other family members. I'm pretty lucky to have such a wonderful family! 

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