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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Must Pin Everything!

Well, it's official. I've started pinning and I just. can't. stop. Everytime I log on (every five minutes), I find some delightful recipe that I'm probably never going to try or some amazing craft that is so easy and cheap, but it doesn't matter because I'll be too busy pinning to make it.

Per usual, I was a total contrarian about the whole Pinterest craze. Whatevs, I said. I've got too many lame status updates on facebook to take care of-I don't have time for that noise. But then, I signed up because I was curious. And I found a pair of brown boots. And then a sweater dress. And then a daydream-style French vacation idea. Ooh-la-la...

Anyway, I love Pinterest and I feel compelled to tell anyone who will listen that I was all wrong. It's glorious. :)

Friday, June 1, 2012

Moving Day

We bought our very first home today! It's a four bedroom, two and a half bath, gorgeous two-story home in Urbana. Al and I are so incredibly excited and happy to begin this new chapter together.

We decided to mostly cram all our move-out and move-in duties into the same day. We had spent the last week or two procrastinating packing and enjoying our apartment of four years.

My best memories in our old apartment:
  1. walks on the golf course on summer nights and winter days
  2. bringing Mila home and seeing her grow
  3. winter nights when we'd move all the furniture, lay a comforter on the floor, get a fire going and watch movies with tons of fatty snacks
  4. visits from my mom, Katy and Tyler
Things I won't miss:
  1. occasionally loud neighbors
  2. worrying about doing my workout videos and driving the people downstairs nuts
  3. worrying about Mila running marathons in the house and driving the people downstairs nuts
  4. the tiny kitchen
After loading up the moving trucks and our cars, with the help of Al's incredible brothers and mom, at 2pm, Al and I headed out to Busey Bank to seal the deal! The meeting was short and sweet; we handed them some money and our realtor, Stefanie Pratt handed us the keys. (She was fantastic, by the way-very knowledgeable, reliable and professional.)

Don't mind my uggo moving style...

After getting our keys, we dropped off our first carload at the new house! So exciting! Early on in the evening, our incredible new neighbor, Holly popped in to help. That girl is a go-getter! She helped carry in boxes and cleaned my entire kitchen, with the help of her man, Todd. We were so blessed with friends who piled in throughout the night, including the Deppas, the Melbys, Chris, Jeff and Rob. We had a blast on our first night in our new home. Here's hoping for many more to come!