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Saturday, October 9, 2010


I met up with some of my best friends, Kim and Abbie, at Sun Singer Cafe in Champaign this evening and indulged in a delicious Grilled Cheese Supreme, per Holly's recommendation. The girls and I also shared a bottle of Moscato, and I capped it off with a red wine slushie. Yum!

Colleen met up with us at the end of our meal, and she, Kim, and I headed to C-Street for some dancing. We had a blast bustin' a move to our favorite jams!

Coco had to cool off a bit before leavin' da club!

Alas, at one point Coco had to attend to a crying baby at home, so Kim and I headed over to Highdive to meet up with our menfolk.
Rob was lamenting about having to miss out on the smoochies...too bad!

Kim and I put our new sweatbands to good use on the dance floor! Don't sweat it girl!

All in all, it was a great night out with fantastic ladies and, later on, great guys too! :) 

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