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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Fav Jeans

They may not look like anything that out of the ordinary but, in fact, they are something very special. They are the magical result of the stars aligning and perfect luck; well, that, or your sis-in-law had a bunch of clothes up for grabs and you took whatever looked your size-ish. Whatevs.

Great jeans always seem to be four things: comfortable, attractive, cheap and unable to be reproduced.

1) They are so soft and cozy, it's almost like you're wearing Pajama Jeans (never gonna happen). They always seem to fit, whether your having a skinny day or a giant beast of a woman day (today).

2) They are the perfect length and cut; you never have to worry about flashing your undies (or worse) because they're not cut Paris-Hilton-low (because that's still cool, unfortunately).

3) In my case, free.

4) On the fateful day that your treasured denim must be retired, there never seems to be another pair like them. Sigh.

I love you, fav jeans. You complete me.

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