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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Wedding Presentations

My mom said it best:

Wow, the accountant and the teacher are really coming out in you two.

True dat. Less than a week after the proposal, Al and I made our trip to Barnes & Noble for coffee and a little light (not so much) wedding reading. We aren't exactly the quickly decisive couple, considering the fact that it took us almost two months to name our dog, so we had all sorts of ideas bouncing around in our heads for what we'd like to do for a wedding and celebration.

Actually, let me correct myself there. I am the diva. I have all sorts of ideas. Al is cool with pretty much whatever, but, I have to say, he has been a very involved fiance! As we were perusing wedding books, he could see me start to panic, so he quickly jumped in and made a brilliant suggestion: wedding presentations. We were to take the next two weeks-ish to put together our own individual ideas about what we'd like wedding-wise in some sort of organized presentation format.

I got right to work. I tend to be a major brainstormer so I spent quite a bit of time reading the introductory chapters of The Wedding Book and doing a lot of internet research to get my head cleared. Unfortunately, this had a totally adverse effect. I was more confused than when I started! Therefore, I decided to create my presentation based around two different scenarios: traditional wedding and destination wedding. I am still torn between the two but I think creating this presentation, and seeing the awesome powerpoint Al did on destination wedding options, at least helped in getting us excited to start laying the groundwork and making some decisions! Woo!

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  1. LOVE the prezi. although i wish i could've seen it in person. for the record, i'll punch anyone who votes for you to elope. :)