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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Nothing says wedding like a stay in the hospital!

Good gravy! For a while there, I thought Al and I might be taking a romantic roll down the beaches of Mexico, rather than a stroll...

(The roll would be the rolling of Al's wheelchair, in case you didn't catch that one. (;)

Al, Al's parents and I all arrived at the hospital quite early today to check him in for surgery. We were all quite nervous, hoping that we would get our best-case scenario: a "simple" re-connection of the Achilles tendon, without too much invasive cutting and borrowing of tendon material from other places (his big toe). We waited around while they drugged him up, prayed over him, and said our goodbyes! A few hours later, this is who we found...

May I just say that it's amazing how, when you love someone, you feel just as horrendous as they do when they are in pain? It was just awful to see Al in so much pain. However, it was reassuring to see him waking up the same old Al...the first thing he did was ask for his Cubbies hat! Hence, the headwear in the photo above.

As soon as he was ready to go home, Mary, Ed and I jumped in to help. I stopped at Jimmy John's (the only thing that sounded tasty to him) to grab Al some lunch, and we swung by the pharmacy to get his slew of meds. Upon arriving home, his parents and I helped him get up the stairs to our apartment, and get settled in on the couch. We immediately turned on a movie, but he only made it about 3 minutes in before passing out. (The guy was all hopped up on Vicoden, so I can't imagine he even remembers what movie we turned on in the first place!)

I spent the day tip-toeing around the apartment, getting some planning and grading done. At one point, I walked by the couch where Al was sleeping, and, out of nowhere, I feel a firm grip tighten around my leg. Startled, I look over and Al is wide-eyed and looking very confused. Apparently, all the meds he was doped up made him really out of it! He promptly went back to sleep and slept most of the rest of the night.

Al was able to get a little lovin' from his Mila-dog as well. She was very concerned about his leg, and seemed to know that she needed to be gentle.

This was definitely as sad day, as we know that there was a long road of healing ahead of us. However, I love having the opportunity to take care of my man and will always do whatever I can to make him feel better.

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