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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Poop Duty

or poop doodie, you may say.

I am going to admit something that is not something that I am proud of, as I feel that I am a very devoted pet owner. Al and I have been awful about poop scooping this winter. Ever since it got freezing cold, we kind of quit taking the time to pick it up. This week, all the snow melted and we were shocked and dismayed at what we saw!

Poop. Everywhere.

Granted there are a few other dogs living in our apartment building, but Mila has very distinctive...ahem...waste. She's a big dog, what can I say? I knew our laziness was all to blame for this minefield of crap!

So...I spent about 30 minutes this beautiful Saturday morning on poop duty. It was an interesting way to kick off the day!

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