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Monday, April 18, 2011


Today was a very good day.

During the massive snowstorm at the beginning of February, I had begun to look for a new job. The drive to Danville was getting tedious and expensive. Although I love my students and coworkers, I was definitely ready for a change!

I began sending my resume and applying to schools closer to home. I was lucky enough to receive a call from Monticello High School (about 20 minutes from home) at the beginning of April. I was somewhat nervous for my first interview, but felt like it went incredibly well. The staff on the interview panel seemed incredibly supportive and welcoming. I walked out feeling very confident!

I was delighted to receive a call just a few days later letting me know that I was one of the final candidates for the position. I headed over to MHS for my second interview, where I took a tour of the building, met briefly with another English teacher, then headed in to meet with the superintendent.

I was relatively intimidated, but feeling confident in my credentials and experience. I about jumped out of my skin when the superintendent offered me the job! I filled out a few pieces of paperwork, then headed out the door to call my people and let them know!

I called Al to pretend as if the interview didn't go terribly well, but couldn't hold in my excitement long enough to make the ruse worthwhile. I burst out with something like, "I GOT THE JOB!" Al was just as excited as I was and quickly suggested that we go out to celebrate.

We headed to KoFusion for dollar sushi and sake. (I also got a delicious fruity beverage to complete the night's celebration.) I had such a blast celebrating with my fiance and best bud! Al and I just feel so incredibly blessed that everything seems to be falling into place. I know that working closer to home will ease my stress and give me so much more time at home to enjoy my new marriage. Hooray!

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