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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Josh and Becca's Cinco de Mayo Shindig

This weekend, we headed to Josh and Becca's belated Cinco de Mayo party. We arrived a bit early, as I always like to do at any parties this couple throws, as Becca's food is always so delish and I like getting a first run at it!

We enjoyed some of my homemade ritas (homemade=poured Jose Cuervo rita mix into a glass over ice), and amazing stuffed tamales Becca made. I cannot emphasize enough what a great cook this woman is.

Finally, the boys capped off their celebration with a shot of tequila. No, thanks. I don't appreciate being reminded of the evil substance that ruined my 23rd birthday. Well, that's not true. It actually made my birthday very fun. It was the day after that was not-so-good. Anyway, happy tequila-free Cinco de Mayo!


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