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Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Birthday, Amurica!

Last year, Al and I spent Fourth of July talking about the fact that we couldn't believe that, in one year, we would be a married couple! Fourth of July would be special because it would be our first holiday together as husband and wife. Well, that year went by so quickly, and we found ourselves home after an amazing wedding and trip to Mexico ready to celebrate!

We met up with Al's family in Rantoul for the parade. Sarah and Mary planned a mini tailgate, complete with eggs, sausage, tons of pastries, and mimosas! YUM!

The kiddos all looked so cute. I love kids dressed up in America gear (especially THESE kids)!

Al loves America too...

The kids anxiously waited for some candy, and I don't blame them because Rantoul's candy is da' bomb! I can't believe that I got gypped throughout my entire childhood on Fourth of July. 85 Tootsie Rolls...phhhffffttt. Whatevs! These kids cleaned up! I'm talking mini premium candy bars, people...the stuff they serve at the checkout line!

Al and I had a blast!

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