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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Keira's Fourth Birthday

I can't believe Keira is four already! Time has flown by and it has been such a joy to see this little girl grow.

Her party was held at Cookies By Design in Urbana, where we had pizza and designed cookies. Al and I decorated a lovely beach scene à la Mexico. Keira then opened gifts and individually thanked each of her guests with a hug. She is too sweet! She seemed to like her gift of Cars 2 from Uncle Al and I. I love that she showed off her sweet posing skills, making me all the more jealous that I look like a hunchback or just plain awkward in all my photos. Also, I've noticed that Al and I seem to be the repeat givers-we have been in a movie-gift-giving pattern lately with these kiddos! Hope they like 'em! Just wait kids, eventually I'll start repeat giving stuff like pennies and crocheted socks and you won't be able to say anything because I'll be old and senile! Bahahaha!

I love being an aunt to this little girl, and my other three nieces and nephew-and the new little one on the way! We had a great time with family at this party! Happy birthday KiKi!

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  1. we loved having you guys there! and we LOVE the movie gifts! we honestly don't forget who they came from when we watch them. over. and over. ;)