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Thursday, December 23, 2010


At work, we call our boss, Darin, the "taskmaster". Over the last few months of wedding planning, I have been striving to get as much done as possible before the spring craziness of teaching at a high school (and being a yearbook advisor at publication time-OY!) kicks in. Thus, I feel that I have begun to take on a similar "taskmaster" attitude. Though this attitude often makes me a little skittish, I am really liking that Al and I are checking so much off of our list.

Also, can I please be bragadocious for a moment? We have managed, thus far, to plan our entire wedding credit-free! This will be such a relief come June! :) Go Monteer-Nuku Super Team!


  1. Hahaha..I am laughing out loud. But, it seems as if you guys are a rather good team! ;)

  2. so proud of you guys! credit-free...that is awesome! keep up the great work!