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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Engagment Party

Al and I were incredibly blessed to have an amazing engagement party thrown by my grandparents, Don & Michelle.
 There was delicious food and drinks, but the best part of this party was getting to introduce our family members and closest friends to one another for the first time. Al's family drove all the way from Champaign and my Aunt Linda came down from Michigan to attend. We felt so loved!

The other best part of the party: there was an ice sculpture! And then, because Al and I are not classy, we did this pose...
...after which, I loudly proclaimed how cold it made my tongue. A few glasses of wine were involved in the festivities...can you tell?

Two of our awesome families!

The most exciting part of our party was getting the chance to reveal our big plan to everyone. Al and I announced to everyone that we are getting married in Riviera Maya, Mexico on June 25, 2011! We are so excited to start planning everything and cannot believe how supportive our families have been of our dream wedding plans. We are over the moon and ready to make this official!

I was lucky enough to have some of my very best friends at our party, so I took the opportunity after our announcement to ask them to be my bridesmaids. My sister, Katy, is my Maid of Honor of course. My bridesmaids will be Becky Cabezas, my best friend since the beginning of college, Kim Ludwig, who has been an amazing friend and always keeps me laughing, and Abbie Carter, who was actually in Mexico for her own wedding during the party but said yes last week! :)

This was an amazing night with amazing people. If our wedding is even half as fun as this party, I think we are good to go!

Me and my momma

Grandma Michelle and Grandpa Don

Jean and John
Al, me, and Val
Me with my Maid of Honor :)

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