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Friday, August 13, 2010

Sister Fun Day!

Katy and I have a running tradition of "Sister Fun Days". Starting when I went off to college and we couldn't see each other as much as we'd like to, we started planning outings together-shopping, movies, errands, whatever. We usually take lots of pictures and find some way to publicly embarrass ourselves.

Today's Sister Fun Day started with going out to pick up dinner and meds for our sick momma-how fun! :) Then, we decided to head over to David's Bridal in Aurora so that Katy could try on the dresses that I picked out a few days before. She looked usual!


Afterwards, Katy and I headed to the theater to see Eat, Pray, Love-thoroughly enjoyable.

As usual, I had an amazing time with my favorite sister. Katy heads off to Marquette in a couple of weeks and I fear that our Sister Fun Days are going to be few and far between. However, I am looking forward to heading to Milwaukee many times to visit Katy in a new setting. Hooray!

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