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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Happy '30th' Coco!

Colleen turned 31 this week, and because she didn't get to have a big celebration for her 30th last year, Kim decided to plan a nice weekend outing for us girls.

We met up at El Toro for dinner and (alcoholic) drinks first, where I met (and consumed) perhaps the biggest margarita I have ever come into contact with.

Actually, that's a lie. There's a bigger size that El Toro offers, and I've had many a run-in with it. ;) Don't judge!

Colleen had some delicious cheesy Mexican goodness, then got her party hat on...

and her party shades...

and then she was gifted by the El Toro staff with some party Flan...

Wait, what? Maybe not so much.

The girls then made their way to C-Street to do some booty-shakin'. Kim, Coco, and I haven't been out dancing together since September, so we definitely made the most of it and had a blast!

Even Al and Kim's fiance Ryan realized how much fun we were having and showed up to cut a rug with us. 

It was definitely a great night, filled with lots of laughs and some wonderful bonding time. Happy birthday Coco!

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