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Friday, February 4, 2011


February began with a bang! Actually, it was a blizzard, but whatevs. These are the days when I am super excited that I chose to be a teacher!

Monday (a.k.a. one of the worst teaching days of my life) Night:
District #118 calls a snow (freezing rain, to be more precise) day for the next day at around 9pm...awesome!
I make the most of my evening by staying up late and reading the book that I'm currently obsessed with.

Woke up at 7am to take Mila out and realized that the ground was hard. This was not fluffy snowball fight snow at all. In fact, I believe that if you had the bright idea to have a snowball fight in this inclement weather, you'd likely bust up somebody's face. Spend the rest of the day hanging around the house, doing who knows what? I felt so aimless, but in a good way! At around 5pm, I met up with Al at the WalMart around the corner (after scraping the sheet of ice off my car for 25 minutes) to pick up some much needed blizzard supplies. While at WalMart, D118 actually called a second snow day for Wednesday! SCORE! I enjoyed another late night watching the Real Housewives reunion I had been saving on the DVR and lots of delish food a la Alejandro!

Al gets to stay home today too! WOOT! We did a whole lot of nothin' all day and it was glorious! Much to both of our surprise, I get yet another call from D118 at around 9pm canceling school yet again. So amazing!

Quite productive day. The whole rest of the world was back to normal, so I took the opportunity to check some long-term goals off of my to-do list. It was so nice to get ahead of the game a little today.

Friday, it was back to work and time to re-enter the normal world. That is, the normal world of two-day work weeks. However, for the people who get so incredibly bitter at us teachers for our '9-month work years' (haha, won't even argue with that...that's a whole other blog post!), I will comfort you with the fact that my students were AWFUL on Monday and Friday and I barely made it out of this week with my head still screwed on strait! The snow days certainly helped. Can we sign up early for a week like this again next year? 

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