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Friday, June 24, 2011

All the single ladies!

Tonight was my very last night as a "single lady", though I haven't considered myself single since May 4, 2008, after my first date with Mr. Nuku...

We made arrangements to have our rehearsal dinner at the Asian restaurant, Spice. We met up with everyone down in the lobby and got ready to go eat some delicious hibachi food.
Some of our guests even color-coordinated for the special occasion!
We had to sit at a few different tables, and of course, a hibachi duel ensued. Our table (me, Al, Grandma Michelle, Grandpa Don, Holly, Jeff, Craig, Robin, and Matt) vs. Chad, Katie, Chris, Lisa, Kim, Ryan, and Joey. We had a blast, but their hibachi chef, admittedly, was way more entertaining.
Our chef was pretty cool, though!
What a cool way to celebrate the eve of our wedding with most of the people we love!

Afterwards, we headed down to the outdoor bar, The Mix. We relaxed right next to the beach and had a few drinks together. Though we were having a blast hanging with the guys, all the ladies wanted to go get our dancing shoes on and cut a rug at Scores, as it was supposed to be 70s night. One of my secret obsessions is the 70s. I love the idea of hanging out in giant wedge heels, high-waisted bell-bottoms, a silk shirt, and ginormous gold hoop earrings. I also love, love, love disco and 70s dance music, so I was pretty pumped.

You can imagine our dismay when we arrived at Scores, only to hear the exact same five songs that had been playing on rotation the night before:

. Listen, I loved this music the night before, and I can always dance up a storm to anything like this, but I was seriously craving some of this: 

Seriously! Not the same! Good thing I had my Grandma Michelle with me, who attempted to pay the bartender $5 to call the DJ (though I think they would have done it for free ;)). In the meantime, we felt they were taking too long, so we attempted to break in to the DJ booth. (Um, I'd had a lot of electric lemonade. Not technically my fault.) Upon grabbing the handle to the booth and shaking it vigorously, it kind of, uhhhh, fell off. Whoops! I rigged it up to look like an accident, then ran away, blaming the whole thing on grandma! ;)

Luckily, the DJ was en route during this time and saved us from ourselves. We spend the rest of the night dancing up a storm. Honestly, I had more fun on this night than I've ever had on any girls' night out! I had most of my best friends and my incredible female family members with me and we danced like fools for the rest of the night! So much fun!

Yep, that's my mom doing the robot. :)

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