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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Last Night with the Deppas

Tonight, Al and I met up with Ryan and Kim for dinner at Spice to celebrate their last night in Mexico and send them home in style!

The sushi was delicious, per usual, but the shenanigans started pretty early. There were shots of tequila almost immediately:

Once again, yikes. That was just the beginning of the evening, though. After dinner, we checked out the outdoor market set up on the resort for the evening. Al and I were able to score two awesome serving dishes, and I had my first haggling experience! I was so proud!

Afterwards, Al decided to purchase a couple celebratory cigars and we went to visit Al's best friend, Darius. Now, Darius was the Lithuanian bartender of the outdoor bar, whom all the guys fell in love with early on in the trip. He hooked us up with some more tasty beverages and Al and I had a relaxing cigar smoke, as well as a late night walk on the beach with the Deppas.

Inevitably, we ended the night at SCORES, which essentially was our Mexican version of Guido's, and that was okay with me. It was an incredible night and my only complaint was that it had to end!

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