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Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Humberto and I went on our second excursion today-swimming with dolphins. We were still dealing with some overcast weather, but our day was significantly brightened by this awesome experience!

Swimsuit-clad, we hopped in the excursion van to get out to the Dolphinaris outdoor facility. After our brief tutorial of dos and don'ts, we were in the water mingling with our marine mammal friends. First, we learned a little about the dolphin and watched it underwater. Check out my sweet snorkel gear and our serious learning faces.

Before we knew it, we were getting a little lovin'...

Then, we took a ride...
At this point, I had a stunning realization-I'd lost my drawers! I've not had the best luck keeping my swimsuit on during this trip... Once again, the videographer did a nice job keeping this out of the video and everyone in our group said they didn't see a thing, but I think they were just being nice; good thing I don't get embarrassed easily!

Luckily, our new buddy was still willing to associate with me after this.

So much fun!

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