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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Welcome Crew

We woke today super excited that all of our family and friends would be arriving in a matter of hours! We quickly got dressed, grabbed some breakfast, and headed down to the lobby to welcome our guests as they arrived. The first guest to arrive was Al's friend, Jake.

Al was incredibly excited to see him, and we all settled back in at the lobby bar to have a few drinks and wait for everyone else to arrive. At one point, one of us noticed that they were prepping for our wedding already and had our "Nuku Wedding" sign out and ready to go! Yay!

Quickly after that, Kimmy d. and Ryan arrived, thus officially kicking off their Mexican honeymoon. Our other guests started arriving rapidly after that, with my massive group of family members getting there, as well as Al's mom and brother, Matt.

By the end of the day, we were all hanging in the infinity pool and wondering where the heck Al went. (He had sneaked off to hang with his buddy, Jake and then met up with his brother, Joey and friend, Dan for some much-appreciated guy time.) I was perfectly okay with his disappearance for a few hours, as I was happily (and somewhat drunkenly) floating in the pool. It was a pretty awesome afternoon of happy Mexico welcomes!

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