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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sunset Cruise

Al and I had been pumped for our sunset cruise ever since we booked it well before our trip. We're a little embarrassed to admit this, but we were both under the impression that we'd be boarding a Carnival-style cruise ship and eating a romantic, candlelit dinner out at sea.

Not so much. Al and I arrived on this stormy day doubting whether we'd even be able to go on our cruise. We waiting under a tent-like setup with a bunch of other tourists to hear whether or not we'd be able to go. During this time, a ruffian couple threw a giant fit (cursing included) about getting  a refund. Little did we know at that moment where the night would lead us...

We boarded our catamaran (yup, catamaran) terribly confused. Where were the tables and chairs? Where was the romantic music? No tables, no chairs. And only a strange mix of outdated hits from the 70s, 80s and 90s blasting from the sound system. With a shrug of our shoulders, we boarded the boat and made the best of it.

Thank goodness for adult beverages. This was a wild ride! We barely left the shore the entire ride and the other guests got a little restless. Tequila shots were had, sex jokes were made (and pictures taken)-not by us!, and Al and I just had to laugh! It was not what we were expecting! At least the ruffian couple offered to take our picture so that we could remember this strange evening. It actually turned out to be an awesome story.

After docking, we headed back to the beach for our romantic dinner. It looked lovely! Each couple had a private table on the sand sectioned off by sheer, gauzy fabric. The food, served by the resort we were on, was amazing too!

However, one huge problem (or several, rather) arose immediately: mosquitos. Tons of them. Now, for anyone who isn't aware, I have horrible reactions to bug bites. They swell up ridiculously huge and I get itchy all over. Yeah, this kind of ruined our dining experience. At one point, the waiter actually stood me up and sprayed me down, head to toe, with bug spray. Al got the same treatment, although I think he just did so to ease my embarrassment. He's a good husband like that!

Even in my extreme discomfort, our dinner was salvaged by one singular experience. Our table was located behind the ruffian couple and we got quite a show. That resulted in enough hilarity to (kind of) take my mind off being eaten alive.

Happy moon, indeed.

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