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Monday, June 27, 2011

Progressive Dinner

To celebrate Jeff and Holly's last night in paradise, the Nukus, Deppas and Melbys got together for a progressive dinner, Jade style.

We started the evening out on the patio at the Asian restaurant, Spice. The sushi, appetizers, and drinks were delish!

Photo courtesy of Holly Melby
Next, we moved on to CinCin for their spectacular soups! (If I'm being totally honest, I ordered an entree to pick at, too.)

We had a great time sitting around and chatting with amazing friends and family and enjoying the fantastic food.

Side note: During this portion of our evening, I came to believe the woman who crept on my husband (on our wedding night while he was smoking cigars with his buddies outside SCORES), so I got a little feisty. I just about caused a scene, wifey style, but was talked down by my group. That's right little lady-THIS IS MY HOUSE! (Side side note: It turned out not to be her. Heh.)

On our way out, we just had to get pictures on the lips couch and in front of the flamenco dancer painting.

Photo courtesy of Holly Melby
After this, we attempted to get seated at the Italian restaurant, Capers for dessert, to no avail. We were given a buzzer, which didn't go off until we were being served dessert at Mercure already.

Photo courtesy of Holly Melby
Too bad, so sad. I was stuffed by then, anyway!

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