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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Who's that chick with the monkey?

That's me! Yep, I got to hold monkeys on my wedding day. How many brides get to say that?!

Every few days we were at the resort, someone would come in with exotic animals (lion cub, monkeys, giant parrots, etc). I decided it would be awesome to hold the monkeys in my wedding dress. Cool, right?! The above picture was when it was still cool. The pictures below are of when it got real.

At this point, my sis-in-law, Holly caught my eye and saw my momentary panic that the monkeys were going to mess up my wedding 'do and barked at the monkey man to get them off my Man, when Holly needs to be stern, she's good at it. I wouldn't mess with her!

Because of this, the monkey man moved the little buggers so that they were sitting on my hands, which were rested on my hips (the first picture in this post). The end result: I got peed on by a monkey. On my wedding day.

My mom sprang into action, rushed me to the lobby bathroom and sanitized the crap out of my left hand.

Gross as it is, it's an awesome story to tell our kids one day!

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