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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Out on the town!

Tonight, Al and I went out with the Deppas in Cancun. Al and I had been craving an outing in the city of Cancun and wanted to see what real Mexican life is like. After doing a little investigating (with our cab driver on the way off the resort), we decided to check out a little restaurant in the city for dinner.

The food was delicious (I had surf 'n turf fajitas! Yum!) but the atmosphere was even better!

Kim and I ventured to the restroom at one point, only to find some very interesting signs:

After returning to our table, Al peer pressured me into doing a tequila shot, after which I consumed an entire glass of Cancun's finest tap water, for which I was berated by my husband and Kim.


After my throat quit burning, we walked out onto the streets of Cancun to do some exploring. Al immediately found a taco cart he had to sample from. (He has this Anthony Bourdain-induced obsession with street food.) I have to admit, it was good, even after we'd stuffed ourselves at dinner! During this stop, there was a police car parked by the taco stand and some officers "patrolling". One lady cop was seriously dressed like a police officer from Reno 911, cleavage and all! Aye aye aye!

After scarfing down tacos, I was approached by a very sweet (but possibly diseased) canine friend. I felt so bad for the darn doggie and kept thinking about how it probably was never pet or rubbed behind its ears, so I decided to give it a little pat on the head. Kim quickly stopped that nonsense and I decided to dip into a nearby bar to wash my hands, just to be safe. I just couldn't get over how bad I felt for that poor dog (and the other stray dogs we saw roaming the city on our trip-they were everywhere!), and it kind of put me in a sad mood for a little while. I just hate to see animals who aren't cared for properly, or who have been abandoned entirely. It's so awful.

Kim wasn't feeling great at this point, so we decided to call it a night and go back to the resort. Though shortlived, excluding my sad experience with that poor perro, our Cancun adventure was spectacular!

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