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Sunday, June 26, 2011


When Al and I first started planning the fun additions to our honeymoon, we were given a long list of stuff to do. We both prioritized ziplining way ahead of most of the rest, as everyone we'd talked to absolutely loved it. Turns out, my family was really interested in going, too!

On our first day as a symbolically married couple, Rigoberto and I woke up early to lots of rain. Seeing as a tropical storm hit during our wedding, this was not exactly a surprise. We were just hoping our day of flying through the trees wouldn't be canceled as a result.

We headed down to the lobby and luckily, our excursion van showed up right on time. We all hopped in and took off into the jungle!

Upon arriving, we were of course given the chance to hold a parrot for a family photo opp. Naturally, I held the wild animal-per usual on this trip.

Once all our gear was on and secure, we got a quick demonstration and intro to our trouble-making guides, and we were off! Er, I mean UP!

Al ended up being the only one of our group to go upside-down high above the trees. I was so proud!

After our ziplining experience, we took a bumpy ride out to a cenote to do some playing in the water. This commute was full of laughs and possibly even a little love connection for Val...? Ooh la la!

Once we got to the cenote, most of us ziplined in, and then spent some time playing in the water. A couple interesting things happened to me at this point: my top fell off and my contact fell out. Thank goodness our videographer was kind enough to cut the clip of my toplessness, which I'm sure exists. That was the good part. The bad part? I definitely put my probably-disease-ridden contact lens right back onto my eyeball. Smart. Luckily, I'm writing this post well after the fact and my eyeball is still in my head and seems to be functioning normally!

What a crazy fun day and a great way to spend the last afternoon in Mexico with the fam!

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