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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bachelorette Bash

All the ladies met up in the lobby on Thursday night to prepare for my bachelorette bash! We walked over to my sister's room on the other side of the resort, where she hosted my lingerie party. I got some great stuff, especially this sexy little number from Kimmy d.!

And this hot and spicy getup from Em and Lisa!

After the lingerie warmup, we attempted to go to the Asian restaurant, Spice for dinner. The wait was going to be an hour, so we decided to check out the Mexican restaurant next door called Tamarindo. I was shocked at how rude the hostess was. It was terribly humid outside, so we had all decided to wait inside in the very small open area at the front of the restaurant. I think this may (and our mini photo shoot in that small small space-see below) was what was irritating her so much, but I still couldn't believe how rude she was being! I decided to head back over to Spice and try to sweet-talk the host into getting us bumped up-and succeeded!- but alas, as soon as I got back to Tamarindo, they had our table ready. Oy.

However, once we were sat, it was a completely different ball game. Our waiter, Raul came out to greet us by blowing as loudly as he could into a conch shell! It was hilarious and totally changed my feelings about this restaurant experience!

We all ordered appetizers and ritas, and someone ordered me a shot of tequila on the sly. Very sneaky! Just as we were starting to enjoy our meal, Nacho Libre came out to our table blowing a built-in mask whistle as loudly as he could!

Oh wait-that's Raul. And he just flashed my buttcheeks to my mother-in-law and a slew of friends and family members. Nice.

He made up for it by bringing out funny hats, er, sombreros. :) 

We ended up having a blast at this dinner, and then headed to the discotheque (a.k.a. Scores, the sports bar at night) and began dancing up a storm. We boogied it up and had a blast! Thanks for making my bachelorette party a blast, ladies!

Note: We always take a dancin' shoe pic...too bad Kimmy's bare feet ended up in the misc. spill! Yuck!

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